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using social posts.

Display advertising that extends your social reach and builds customer relationships with your brand.

Let your social posts do the talking.
Use your own dynamic, up-to-the-minute and media-rich social posts to break out of the box.

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Find new followers when they’re engaged with your brand values. Place your social posts near the most relevant web content.

Let your viral content reach its critical mass. BuzzGalaxy lets you expose time-sensitive campaigns widely without social network restrictions.

Your audience is on the web, and you already know how to engage them with social posts.

Shouldn’t display advertising be just that easy?

BuzzGalaxy is a powerful ad exchange that lets you place your own social posts from multiple networks into traditional display ad space. It lets customers see your engaging social content immediately and like, reshare or follow instantly. 
Creating buzz is powerful. Welcome to the BuzzGalaxy.