Wally Baker is Chairman and CEO of BuzzGalaxy Corporation, a powerful ad exchange that lets you place your own social posts from multiple networks into traditional display ad space. Baker is a well-known digital entrepreneur who has created initiatives and policy organizations to grow jobs and the economy in Los Angeles.

Willie Lewis Brown, Jr. is an American politician and served over 30 years in the California State Assembly, spending 15 years as its speaker, and later served as the 41st mayor of San Francisco, the first African American to do so. He is a highly regarded lawyer and advisor to business and political leaders alike.

Rich Rygg has been an executive team member that revolutionized online publishing, grew GeoCities into a top 3 website, successfully launched an IPO and sold the company for $3.5 billion to Yahoo! He is a former executive at AOL, Entertainment Communications Network, CompuServe and Yahoo!.

David Montgomery is technology scientist and experienced advertising professional in business intelligence, statistics, machine learning, and econometrics including auction and game theory.  Prior to joining BuzzGalaxy David founded AdHui.com, a SEM agency dedicated to small and medium sized business Internet Yellow Page advertising.

Dennis Regan is an Emmy award-winning writer with a wealth of experience in developing targeted communication tools for broadcast and narrowcast media. Prior to joining BuzzGalaxy Dennis founded MainStreet Communications, a marketing and advertising agency.

Steve Lambert is a national award-winning newspaper reporter, editor and CEO. He is a former Media News Group executive, publisher and editor. He has more than 30 years of writing and media management experience. He has a degree in Journalism from Southern Illinois University.

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